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Folksongs for Piano: a Classical Interpretation

Etudes in Blue


Folksongs for Piano: a Classical Interpretation

arranged by Cheryl Shantz

"The finest arrangements of folksongs I have ever seen. These subtle and emotionally evocative pieces are unique in design and certain to be extremely popular with pianists of intermediate ability." --Professor James Cook, University of Nebraska

Cheryl Shantz is a Canadian-born piano pedagogue who received her training in the U.S. and is now resident in New Zealand. During a long residence in Australia, she arranged 6 traditional English melodies in a graded series for intermediate level pianists. What makes them stand out from most other educational music is their high quality considered solely as music. Their "new age" flair displays a level of professional polish that would make them appropriate fare well outside the world of student recitals--even for broadcast or recording. Originally published in Australia by Warner/Chappell, these pieces were enthusistically received by educators there, and we are happy to be able to distribute them to the rest of the world.

Fair Sally

Oranges and Lemons

The Blacksmith

Down by the Salley Gardens


Scarborough Fair


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Etudes in Blue

by Don Hardy

Etudes in Blue is a series of 24 preludes which draw on blues, jazz, pop, and rock styles. Available in 3 volumes, the preludes draw upon modern musical elements idiosyncratic to their various keys. They are graded at about the 2-4 level of difficulty, and make an excellent adjunct to other teaching materials. Each volume contains a variety of difficulty levels, making the books last through several years.

Listen to "Free Wheeler" (MIDI playback)

Listen to "Rondo in Blue Minor" (MIDI playback)

Listen to "Blue for Fraz" (MIDI playback)

About the Composer

Don Hardy has led a varied and distinguished musical career. His recording credits include The Eleven O'Clock Blues, Pointing Fingers and The Jazz Requiem: The Passion in Jazz (a commission of St. Andrew's Wesley church). He has performed with numerous groups, and works regularly with his own Ensemble. He is a well known music educator, working contractually in the Vancouver public school system as a jazz historian and performer, while maintaining his own teaching studio. He also works as a music therapist, specializing in the field of music and brain injury.

Volume I:

Free Wheeler [2-3]; Rondo in Blue Minor [2-3]; A jig for the Gig [1-2]; Frugal Fugal [2-3]; Blue (for Fraz) [3-4]; Don't Mess with Me [1-2]; Mousetrap [1]; Shadows of the Night [2]

Volume II:

Awakenings [2]; Flat Full of Keys [3]; Cascades [3-4]; The Hallelujah Rag [3-4]; The Gospel According to Brother Ray [2-3]; Après Moi [2]; The Two Fisted Blues [3]; Only the Guilty [3-4]

Volume III:

Stu's blues [3]; In a Private Way [2]; Blue Fugue [4]; Tango in Terror [3-4]; First Snow [3]; A Flat's Your Flat [3]; These Times are A-Changin' [2]; Gloria (from the Jazz Requiem) [2]


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