Pietro Giannotti
(b. 17??, d. 1765)

An Italian composer resident in Paris, he began publishing there in 1728, which is when he probably arrived in that city from Lucca, his birthplace. From 1739 until his retirement in 1758 he played contrabass at the Paris Opera.

He composed a great deal of chamber music during his career, but was primarily active as an educator, teaching composition and accompaniment according to the principles of Rameau, with whom he had studied. He embodied his approach in a highly-regarded manual, Le Guide du compositeur, and was also the author of Mémoires pour l'Histoire des Sciences et Beaux Arts, the orchestration book Diapason Général, and other texts. His most famous pupil was Monsigny.

He also supervised publication of the collected symphonies of Alberto Gallo, for which he wrote the preface and critical apparatus.

Three Sonatas from Opus V

Listen to Op. V no. 1 (MIDI)

These sonatas are numbers 1, 2, and 4 from a set of six, edited by the flutist Fabio Franco, and originally published by Boivin et Leclerc in 1740 under the title Sonate a Violino o Flauto solo col Basso. The Kallisti edition adheres closely to the original, while providing a realization of the continuo.

These were among Giannotti's most popular works during his lifetime. Attractive and polished, wholly Italianate in style, they are strongly reminiscent of Vivaldi, though in a slightly more advanced harmonic idiom, as might be expected from a pupil of Rameau.

About the Editor

A flutist from Treviso, Italy, Fabio Franco studied with the most important international flutists before attending the Paris Conservatoire, where he was awarded the Premier Prix and, in 1992, the Medaille d'Or. Winner of an RAI competition for soloists, he pursues and intense round of chamber music activity, ranging from Baroque music to that of our owntime. He has appeared as soloist before numerous Italian and foreign orchestras, performing all the most important flute concertos.

For some years he has also been interested in searching out forgotten scores of early music, of which he has prepared editions for many publishers. Currently, he is a member of Ensemble '900, a Treviso chamber group founded in 1997 and devoted to the music of the 20th century.

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