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Cosmic Play

Malta Preistorika



Mind Changes


The Knower

Morning Star

Six Short Piano Pieces

 Cosmic Play (2003)

This four-movement string quartet (Life, Death, Mystic, and Joker) starts like Dowland and ends like Bartok. A fine example of Borg's inimitable, no-fuss style. 19'.


Galaxies (1994)

A very short piece for unusual forces, written in the New-Age style.


The Knower (2003)

An 11' symphonic poem for concert band, mysterious, stern, and colorful all at once.

Well within the technical limits of student ensembles, but with plenty of substance and detail to satisfy adult bands and their audiences.


Malta Preistorika (2003)

Malta is filled with the majestic ruins of a culture that left no written explanation of itself.

The grandeur and mystery of these enigmatic structures is here invoked. 13'


Mind Changes (2002)

Pairs of trumpets and trombones alternate themes in subtly different tempi. On the one hand this, on the other hand that.... 6 1/2'


Morning Star (2003)

A solemn and exalted chorale for string orchestra--and very easy to play. 4 1/2'


Praan (2001)

A ravishing song without words for flute, violin, and vibraphone. 4'


Rinaxximent (2002)

For 6 brass or mixed winds (see catalog for details). 16'.

The title means "Renaissance" in Maltese, and this music, though in a very different style, pays homage to the Renaissance instrumental tradition, especially that of Giovanni Gabrieli.


Six Short Piano Pieces


These six pieces werre written at various times between 1985 and 2007. They do not comprise a suite, but are meant to be played separately.

I. Heaven State of Mind

This is New-Age music.

II. Maltese 'Festa' March

A vigorous, straightforward march, cast into the traditional Maltese form for a march.

III. Three Note Music

Explores the melodic and harmonic possibilities of just three notes--but is not limited to only those three.

IV. Dual Nature

Type A and Type B personalities conjoined in one short piece.

V. Memories of India

Not a literal reproduction of Indian style, but an informal impression of it.

VI. Flight to the Beyond

New-Age again--but faster.


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