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Welcome to the Kallisti Music Press home page. We have been in business since 1991, publishing unusual classical music new and old, most of it American, all of it worthwhile.

From here, you can browse our main catalog for up-to-date information on availability and pricing, find out more about the composers we publish, or zero in on works for particular instruments or ensembles. Musicologists and composers interested in publishing their work with us should check out our submission guidelines . For students and teachers, we have a separate educational catalog, which contains pedagogical works not found in our other catalogs, as well as cross-listings to all the easier music from the main catalog.

Kallisti scores follow the highest editorial and typographic standards, and are printed on archival paper for long life: we consider our publications to be of permanent value and publish them accordingly. Since we wish our music to enter the permanent repertoire of those who perform it, we do not rent parts, but offer them for sale at prices comparable to the rental rates of other publishers. We hold our pedagogical publications to the same standards as our "concert" music, and take pride in offering educational pieces good enough to be worthy of professional performance.

If you have a question or comment, or would like to order anything in our catalog, call or write the address above, or simply e-mail to:


For detailed ordering information, click here.


Use these links to reach the home pages of Kallisti composers, living and dead, and to find out about their music.

Paul Ayres (b. 1970) There'll always be an England.

About his music.

Ofer Ben-Amots (b. 1955) The Colorado klezmer.

About his music.

Andrew Borg (b. 1963) Mediterranean cool.

About his music.

Jim Clarke (b. 1971) Fin ch'han dal vino!

About his music.

Philip Antony Corri (a.k.a. Arthur Clifton) (1784-1832) Pursued by scandal.

About his music.

Andrea De Simone (1807-1874) Pride of Capua.

About his music.

Andrii Didorenko (b. 1974) The virtuoso.

About his music.

Tracy Fennell (b. 1961) The natural.

About her music.

Orlando Jacinto García (b. 1954) La música de hoy.

About his music.

Pietro Giannotti (17??-1765) and his music. Vivaldi goes to Paris.

Anthony Philip Heinrich (1781-1861) The Beethoven of America.

About his music.

Lejaren Hiller (1924-1994) The father of computer music.

About his music.

Bernadette Speach (b. 1948) Quiet authority.

About her music.

Andrew Stiller (b. 1946) Our founder.

About his music.

Henry Clay Work (1832-1884) and his music A wondrous story no nation sang before.

the educators and their music


Submission Guidelines

All our music is published using Finale music notation software, and anyone submitting work to us must have access to Finale in order to put the music in publishable form.



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Ordering Information

Orders may be placed by any of the following means:

On the web: Our catalog doubles as a secure order form, and shopping cart links will eventually be scattered throughout this site. All major credit cards may be used for on-line orders. NOTE: customers entitled to any of our discounts, as well as any Pennsylvania customers who are sales-tax exempt should place their orders by some other means in order to avoid being overcharged. Distributors, retailers, and librarians in particular should not use the web-based system.

E-mail, phone, and postal orders: To e-mail us, click here. For our phone number and postal address, see top of page. Payment may be made in advance via Visa or MasterCard, or we can simply ship your order with a bill, which may be paid by check or credit card. NOTE: customers wishing to use an Amex or Discover card must place their orders online (see above), as we have no means of processing these cards offline.

All orders from whatever source will be filled within 30 days of receipt. All orders include a minimum $5 additional for shipping and handling, plus 6% PA and 1% Philadelphia sales taxes where applicable. Credit card payment is strongly urged for overseas orders. Payments must be made in US dollars drawn on a US bank.

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